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We are one of top Tertiary Care Centres in Western Tamilnadu, encompassing a wide variety of specialists in the fields of Oncology, Thoracic Surgery, GI Surgery, Urology and Head & Neck Surgery. Our institution is one of the leaders in Robotic Lung and Oesophageal Surgeries in the country. Our motto is “Personalised & affordable” and offer a wide range of services to our patients.

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23 Sep
Safety in Esophageal Cancer Surgery: Prioritizing Patient Well-Being

Esophageal cancer surgery, a critical step in treating this complex condition, involves meticulous planning and execution to ensure

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23 Sep
Prioritizing Safety in Robotic Thoracic Surgery

Robotic thoracic surgery has revolutionized the landscape of thoracic procedures, offering enhanced precision and reduced invasiveness.

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03 Jul
Advancing Surgical Precision: Exploring the Benefits of Robotic Thoracic Surgery

Robotic thoracic surgery is revolutionizing the field of surgery,

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